Alanna and her beautiful Gretsch Electromatic Hollow Body

Alanna and her beautiful Gretsch Electromatic Hollow Body

Twitch is a growing platform for creators who wish to have real-time interactions with their fans and viewers.

Alanna has a following of over 7,000 people on Twitch that tune in to her playing music on most days. She has a songlist of over 250 songs which includes her original songs and many many cover songs which her viewers can request in any of her music streams. Alongside music, Alanna will occasionally stream arts or gaming.

Since her first stream in March 2018, Twitch has transformed Alanna’s life, allowing her to do a job she loves in a place she’s comfortable. She reached partner status on Twitch in October of 2018, after just 7 months of streaming!! As well as transforming Alanna’s life, it has put her in a position where she is able to help others. It has given her a platform where she can share her music with people around the world. People often relate to her music and it helps many people through their struggles.

If you would like to listen to Alanna play live on Twitch then simply follow this link: and follow her to be notified when she goes live.

In September 2018, Alanna’s hometown of Ottawa, Canada was hit with a tornado. Alanna was lucky enough to not be hit by the tornado but a lot of the city wasn’t as lucky. Due to the tragic event, Alanna did a charity stream where any donations she received would go towards the tornado relief. Her Twitch community managed to raise $1,000 CAD in just a couple of hours!

Discord is a place where people can chat within community servers and it allows them to connect with friends or their favorite creators. If you’d like to be a part of Alanna’s community then open the following link: